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Retin A cream 0.025% is a well-known and renowned method that copes with the severe acne and pimple condition.Retin A cream 0.025% contains generic Tretinoin 0.025%, which is used to decrease the number of pimple and quickly heal them. Generic Tretinoin belongs to the retinoid class of medication and helps to enhance the glow of skin.

Retin A cream 0.025% (Tretinoin) works by affecting the growth of skin cells and growing of sebum glands that are responsible for the occurrence of acne.

Contraindication of Retin-A cream 0.025%

Retino A cream 0.025% is contraindicated in some conditions such as:

  • If you have any type of skin allergic reactions then avoid the use of Retin A Cream 0.025% as it may enhance the risk of another skin allergies.
  • Individuals who have a recent history of poor white blood cell count then avoid the use of Retin A Cream 0.025%.

Drug Interactions With Retin-A cream 0.025%

There are some drugs interact with Retin A cream 0.025%, so avoid the use of these along with the use Retin A cream 0.025%.

  • Do not use astringents, toners and shaving lotions along with the use of Retino A cream 0.025% as it may produce skin allergies.
  • Fluoroquinolones like Tetracyclines and Thiazide water pills such as hydrochlorothiazide.
  • Phenothiazines such as Chlorpromazine

Storage condition: Store Retin A Cream 0.025% below the room temperature and keep it away from the reach of direct heat and sunlight.

How Can Apply Retin-A Cream 0.025%?

Wash your hands properly before you use Retin A Cream 0.025%. Take a small pinch of cream and apply it on the affected areas. Make a thin layer with the help of finger and allow to stand for sometime on your face. Apply Retin A Cream 0.025% as it cannot touch your eyes and cannot enter in your mouth otherwise it may produce side effects. Use Retin A Cream 0.025% once in a day in 24 hours mainly at bedtime. For getting better results use Retino A cream for 8 to 12 weeks but do not use it more than this as it can produce side effects.

Several types of side effects you may feel after the application of this cream such as mild burning on the place where you apply it, itching, skin redness, dryness, swelling of face, dizziness, drowsiness and eye redness and watering.

Precautions Should Be taken while using Retin A Cream 0.025%

  • If you are allergic to generic Tretinoin, then avoid the use of Retin A Cream 0.025% as it may cause hypersensitive reactions.
  • Patients who have a history of eczema should not use Retin A Cream 0.025%.
  • For long-term use of this medicine can make you more sensitive towards sunlight so do not use it for more than 3 months.
  • If you have recently used products containing sulfur, salicylic acid or resorcinol, the use Retin A Cream 0.025% with extra caution.
  • Avoid waxing on that particular area where use Retin A Cream 0.025% as it may produce allergic reactions.
  • Pregnant females and breastfeeding mother should avoid the use of Retin A Cream 0.025% otherwise it can cause harm your baby.

If you are facing Whiteheads,blimeshes,stigma or splash and need a durable solution for acne, quickly buy retin a 0.025 cream online at nominal price now ! In every first order $5 medicine free with exclusive shipping anywhere on E-Check Payment.

Customer Reviews

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A1 Service and products Review by Charles
Fantastic service with great prices. Delivery to the US i receiving in just few days. (Posted on 3/2/17)
Great products and service Review by Troy P. Brown
Quick delivery and everything you need. Products are of good quality. (Posted on 2/6/17)
Terrific Customer Service! Review by Elaine M. Speight
Mydrugpill is a top notch organization. Great products at a great price. Customer Service is absolutely outstanding! (Posted on 1/27/17)
Kristin Clemens Review by Kristin Clemens
I had at lot of self-esteem issues. People would ask me, 'Did you get punched in the face?' Like literally, it was so red, it was really bad,
Retina ( #Tretinion) is the single most effective way of treating and sometimes even curing inflammatory acne, (Posted on 9/14/16)
Wonder's on scars and marks Review by Chiara A
It has done wonders on scars and marks, I now wear the least amount of makeup than I have in about a decade. I also, at 31, started to be asked if I'm 25 A LOT (it will be so sad when this stops happening, i can't look 25 forever). I now apply .05 to my temple area only, the rest of my face gets .025. I started doing this because I wanted better results on the lines in between my brows and it has worked VERY well. The lines around my mouth are basically gone now, I used to see makeup setting in them but not anymore (Posted on 8/16/16)
elizabethmarie1919 Review by elizabethmarie1919
I've been using retin a for 4 months and I have yet to see results. I've been so insecure I hate even going outside because I don't want people to look at my face. I just don't know if I should get a stronger prescription of retin a or if I should wait a few more months or if my cleanser or moisturizer has anything to do with it. By the way I use simple foaming wash as a cleanser and I use aveeno spf 30 for a moisturizer during the day and ponds night cream after I apply my retin a, I have extremely oily skin by the way and I break out pretty much any where a pimple can come out. Any advice would be highly appreciated. (Posted on 8/7/16)
Alex, 23 y.o, Dallas Review by Alex
I found such medicine as Retin-a in the Internet recently and I read many reviews, and decided to buy it. I had no complexes about my appearance but I felt the inner discomfort constantly. I did not want to go to the cosmetologist but I consulted a pharmacist and I bought Retin-a. it is really amazing drug which improved the condition of my skin. It made it lighter, smoother, and removed all spots. The black spots were reduced, and I became more attractive. I did not even imagine that I have such confidence, and it is due to Retin-a. (Posted on 7/27/16)
Kylie Review by Kylie
It is recommended to only use a mild cleanser and your hands or a soft cloth to clean. Eventually, my skin will adjust and might be able to use more aggressive washing techniques, but give some time. I am exfoliating through the use of the Retin-A (Posted on 7/25/16)
My skin was bumpy and now it's smooth with an even tone Review by Nenk Imuet Amell
This time last year I had extremely bad acne. I've spends tons of money on things that never worked. I went to my doctor and she put me on retin-a 0.025% gel. I read a lot of people saying it gets worse before it gets better. For me I got a ton of white heads and dryness. After about 3-4 weeks my face was done being so irritated. I was on that dose for about 6 months. I'm now on rerin-a 0.05% cream. It also took a bit of time getting used to it. My face is 100x better then it was when I started. My skin was bumpy and now it's smooth with an even tone. I will continue to use rerin-a. So ladies just stick though the dry and "ugly" phase. It'll be worth it in the end (: (Posted on 6/17/16)

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