Importance of medicine and health has improved the life of human beings. Medical process has been proved to e boon to every individual.

He is sick, give him medicine and make sure that he finishes all. After taking medicine, you quickly get better. Why???

People take medicine to fight again disease and to feel better. They are made up of specific chemical substance to cure and treat disorder and promote good health. Drugs are manufactures and developed by top licensed pharmaceutical companies and are tested by regulatory bodies before they are marketed. We are the supplier of both Generic and Branded name drugs. Generic is same as branded drug and Food and Drug Administration requires generic medications to have the same and identical quality, dose, interaction, mechanism,   stability and purity as that of branded medications. Generic drugs are also tested to make sure that ingredient present in generic version meet the FDA standards for equivalency as that of branded name drugs.

Generic drugs are low in cost compared to branded drugs because they do not have to pay for clinical trial and generally do not have to pay for adverting, promotion and marketing. While branded drugs need to submit for FDA approval because of which a 20 year patent is issued, during these 20 year no other company can sell the patent drug. As the patent expires, any drug manufacturers can apply o the FDA to sell its generic drug.

Example of generic drug is Tretinion while its brand name of this medication is Retinol.