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overview about Vilitra 60mg tablets

Vilitra 60mg contains Verdenafil as an active medicament belongs to the category of phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor, which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in male. Erectile dysfunction is caused by some physical and mental disorder such as health issues and other include work stress, personal relation issues or depression and frustration. Verdenafil is the PDE 5 Inhibitor which works to increase the cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Finally, increase the blood flow in the penile region. Helps to maintain the erection hard and long at the time of intimacy session

Dosage instructions of Vilitra 60mg tablets

Consume single pill of Vilitra 60mg with a glass of water. You must take this medicine 1 hour before to the intimacy session. This medicine to be consumed only at the time of sexual desires so no need to worry about the missed dose. But keep away from the over dosage of Vilitra 60 mg.

Warnings and precautions to be followed for better therapeutics effects of the drug:

  • Patients who are sensitive to Verdenafil or other ingredients of Vilitra should not consume this medication.
  • Vilitra should not be consumed by an individual below 18 years of age and in women.
  • Patients who are on nitrate medication (Nitroglycerin) should not consume Vilitra.
  • Parallel use of Vilitra and alcohol is contraindicated, can result in unconsciousness or dizziness.
  • Patients who are suffering from renal and hepatic disorders should not consume the medication.
  • Fatty food and grapefruit juice are highly restricted while consuming his medication
  • Do not indulge in driving and other important works which need your attention.
  • Keep in mind Vilitra never provide any protection against sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

Side effects were seen after consuming Vilitra 60mg tablets

Nausea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, weakness, singing sound in the ear,  low blood pressure, palpitation, prolonged erection, painful erection, chest pain, breathlessness, loss of vision,  abnormal bleeding, dizziness, cardiovascular effects, blurring of the eye, etc. If allergy occurs than symptoms of rashes, itching, swelling of eye, throat, lips, and tongue can persist.

Vilitra shows interaction when used in combination of following drugs:

Nitrate drugs, Alpha blockers, CYP3A4 inhibitor, anti-HIV drugs, anti-hypertensive agents, alcohol, Aspirin.

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