Buy Silvamed Cream 40gm | Generic Silver Nitrate

Buy Silvamed Cream 40gm | Generic Silver Nitrate

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Silvamed is a cream formulation having active 1 % generic silver sulfadiazine a product of kocak farma used vigilantly for the purpose of burn case of extreme third degree. The drug is used in management of microbial infiltration to an open wound. The cream is used effectively as antimicrobial which is quite efficient to act upon both type of bacterium, either its gram positive or gram negative. Silvamed is also effective in some other microbial strains of yeast and fungus.

How the cream efficiently helps in treating the patient?

The drug contains Silver sulfadiazine that acts as broad spectrum antimicrobial drug. The product basically protects the body from the pathogenic infiltration and stops the action of bacteria by denaturing the protein content of the bacterium and inhibits the physiology and functioning of the bacteria. The drug inhibits the Para amino benzoic acid that is required for the functioning of microbes. This stops the folic acid synthesis that is required for formulation of RNA and basic proteins required for functioning.

The drug is contraindicated in certain individuals due to severe adverse affects:

  • Individual who is hypersensitive to the cream preparation or the silver sulfadiazine should not use the product.
  • The product content have potential side effect to the fetus and thus one should not serve this to pregnant lady, in first trimester.

Drug interaction of cream:

Bactroban ointment having Mupirocin, Nexium capsule having Esomeprazole and lactobacillus acidophilus, diphenhydramine hydrochloride and diazepam should be avoided to take along the cream administration.

Storage conditions for the Silvamed cream:

Keep the cream at room temperature in cool and shady place; keep it away from the reach of pet animals and small children. Keep the medicament away from the direct exposure of sunlight and flame.


  • This medication (Silvamed 40mg) is a topical cream based preparation.
  • One should apply the cream on required part or burned area once or twice a day.
  • One should keep this thing in the mind Silvamed is a shield to protect from the bacterial infiltration so keep the cream applied overall the effected part throughout.  One should apply an even thin layer of cream on the burned surface.
  • If required then only one should cover the affected part.
  • If one has gone through hydrotherapy, he/she should re apply the cream and use until the affected part gets cured.

Silvamed cream 40mg may cause some SIDE EFFECTS in certain individuals.

One may experience discoloration of skin, necrosis, burning sensation and itchy along rashes. These are temporary after affects. In case these are persistent then one should seek medical helps immediately.


  • It should be used with extra care in case of hepatic and renal impairments.
  • It should be used with complete hygiene and you may use it along sterile gloves or with washed hand.
  • It should be used with care, may cause contamination and infection due to open wound.

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Very good service. They are fast delivering!!!! Review by Michael S. Miles
I ordered Silvamed Cream 40gm for my wife, made payment through e-check, now i received fast and quick, I like this site because is sassy to do the order and the delivery was fast. (Posted on 1/27/17)
Endah Krismawati Review by Endah Krismawati
Can i buy this product ? as i live in Jakatra, Jawa Barat, Indonesia (Posted on 9/29/16)
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Nice product with great delivery services thanks alot (Posted on 9/16/16)

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