Lady Tadalafil-Vegalis-Tadalafil 10mg

Lady Tadalafil-Vegalis-Tadalafil 10mg

Vegalis-Tadalafil 10mg

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Vegalis-10 is a successful medication, which is used for the treatment of female sexual issues and female sexual arousal dysfunction. It is an oral form of medication and the main composition inside is Tadalafil. In addition, it improves urge desire and needs in women. Lady Tadalafil is marketed under various brand names such as Vegalis-10.

What Is The Mode Of Action Of Vegalis-10 Tablets?

Tadalafil comes as a PDE5 blocker that blocks the activity of PDE5 and in turn raises the cGMP formation. A high number of cGMP in the genital area of women causes vasodilation of vessels bringing forth a speedy rush of blood. This blood flow helps in sexual arousal in ladies that improves pleasure during intimacy sessions.

What Is The Dosage Design Of Vegalis-10 Tablets?

Vegalis-10 is available as 10 mg tablet dosage form. It should be used through an oral route with an adequate amount of water. You have to use this medication 30 minutes before going for physical intercourse. You can ingest this medication with or without meals. The duration of the action happens for more than 36 hours. Never use greater than recommended dose of this medication, as it will cause problems. Do keep a gap of two to three days after taking the first dose.

What Are Some Don'ts To Follow With Vegalis-10 Tablets?

  • Tadalafil, when taken along with nitrate drugs, will lower your blood pressure so prohibit their use.
  • You should never use when you have any hypersensitive reaction with this drug.

What Are The Precautionary Measures With Vegalis-10 Tablets?

  • Avoid fatty food while you are taking this medicine as it delays absorption.
  • In case you have any underlying medical condition, report your doctor.
  • Avoid in female patients whose age is less than 18 years.
  • Alcohol, grapefruit juice usage should be prohibited, as it will cause side effects.
  • Smoking should be banned when you are on Vegalis-10 therapy.
  • Keep away from the reach of small children. 

What Are The Side Effects With Vegalis-10?

Few side effects with the use of this medication are sinus pain, muscle pain, facial flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, swelling in your hands or feet, shortness of breath, and seizure.

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