Buy Chantix Online | Champix | Order Varenicline 1 mg Tablets

Buy Chantix Online | Champix | Order Varenicline 1 mg Tablets

Generic Varenicline 1mg tablets - Chantix 1mg (Champix) Tablets

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Chantix Tablets or Champix Tablets is an effective drug that is used by persons to quit their smoking habit. Chantix Tablets (Champix Tablets) contains generic Vareniciline as its main ingredient that reduces the urge to smoke. Smoking can lead to various kinds of medical disorders especially respiratory disorders; therefore cessation of this bad habit to remain healthy is very important.

How does Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets) acts?

Vareniciline present in Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets) acts a nicotinic receptor partial agonist. In brain, it binds to the nicotinic receptors, which releases dopamine. Sometime later, when the dopamine level drop that creates urge to smoke again. Chantix Tablets (Champix Tablets) competitively binds to the nicotinic receptors to replace the nicotine that further releases dopamine but in lesser amount. Through this way, it helps to discontinue smoking.

What are the contraindications of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

The use of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets) is not advised in some cases like Coronary artery diseases, Insulin-dependent diabetes and High blood pressure (hypertension). Do not take Champix with these drugs as it can lead to harmful effects.

What are the possible drug interactions of Chantix Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

Vareniciline should not be consumed if you are already taking drugs like anti coagulant drugs, Insulin, Theophylline. Avoid using, Vareniciline along with these drugs as it can result in severe interactions.

How should you Store Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

Store Chantix Tablets (Champix Tablets) at room temperature. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

What is the correct dosage of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

Chantix is available in the form of a tablet that is to be taken orally. It is available in two standard doses of 0.5mg and 1 mg.

There are two different ways to take this therapy, i.e.

  • First way, set a date to quit smoking and start your dosage form before one week of that date.
  • Second way, start your dosage regimen with this drug before deciding your date to stop smoking.

Dosing information for smoking cessation:

Day 1 to 3: 0.5 mg once in a day

Day 4 to 7: 0.5 mg twice a day

After 7 days: 1 mg twice a day

What happens if you over-dose?

Do not take this drug in large amounts as it can lead to over-dosing.

What to do in case of missed dose?

Do not take two doses of this drug at a time. If an individual forgets a dose of this drug, then take it as soon as you remember.

What are the adverse effects of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

Dental pain, hiccups, oral irritation, nausea, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, heartburn, indigestion, etc. These adverse effects do not last for long period of time.

What are the safety measures of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets)?

  • The adverse effects of Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets) increase, when it is consumed along with alcohol beverages. So, it is beneficial to avoid alcohol intake while having Chantix Tablets (Champix Tablets).
  • Do not use Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets), if you are allergic to Vareniciline.

Buy Chantix 1mg Tablets (Champix Tablets) online from our online pharmacy to get authenticate dosage forms at reasonable cost and eliminate the habit of smoking.

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Chantix works Review by Sophia March
I'd heard about Chantix, a relatively new drug from Pfizer that blocks nicotine from attaching to brain receptors (Posted on 8/16/16)
thanks note Review by macharaga
this products is quite impressive, yes quite smoking is difficult task for me but it help me alot to reduce my desire for smoke (Posted on 7/11/16)
i quit smoking Review by james armato
i am a regular user of chantix, can you please give me more discount on this. I am eagerly wanted to quit smoking please update as soon as possible (Posted on 6/28/16)
champix work cool Review by Sulaiman
I'm 27 year old, use champix tablets to quit mother and father always poke me to quit this. I try it from march, it really works. I am satisfied now. (Posted on 5/27/16)

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