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Bactroban is an antibacterial preparation that is meant for topical application for the treatment of several skin infections caused by bacteria. Mupirocin is the active constituent of Bactroban cream that is intended for treating the condition of bacterial infections on the skin for the condition of traumatic lesions, suture wounds, or abrasions infected with bacterial strains of Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes. Thus, Mupirocin has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.

Action mechanism of Bactroban-

Bactroban cream contains Mupirocin as the active moiety of the cream. Mupirocin acts by affecting the production of certain proteins of bacteria that are essential for the bacterial living. Bactroban cream kills the bacteria and finishes off the infections by causing the bacteria to generate unusual and defective proteins. Thus, Bactroban cream is accountable to inhibit protein synthesis and stops the growth of bacteria.

Negating conditions with Bactroban-

  • Hypersensitivity towards Mupirocin or any other constituent of Bactroban cream
  • Bactroban cream is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding state.
  • Use of Bactroban cream is not intended for the application on mucosal surfaces.
  • Bactroban cream should not be used in patients with renal impairment.

Storage of Bactroban-

Store the container or tube of Bactroban cream at room temperature keeping at a place away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. Place the cream at a place unreachable to children.

Drug interactions of Bactroban-

Use of Bactroban cream is not meant to be used with any other topical preparation. If you are needed to use any other topical formulation, then consult your physician.

Dosing of Bactroban-

Before application of the cream, clean and dry the desired surface for application, then use a small amount of cream on the affected area with your fingers or applicator. Wash your hands after application.

Recommended dosing for the treatment of secondary skin infections in Adults is the application of 2% cream three times in a day for 10 days. Change the treatment if no improvement is observed after 3-5 days. Do not use more than prescribed duration else, it may cause overgrowth of fungus or nonsusceptible organisms.

Side effects of Bactroban-

Burning sensation, stinging, itching, pain, skin dryness, warmth, dermatitis, rash, and erythema are some reported undesirable effects of the cream.

Preventive measures while taking Bactroban-

  • Application of cream should not be used on the skin with extensive burns or open wounds.
  • Avoid the contact of cream with eyes. Rinse well with water if accidental contact happens with eyes. 

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