For many reasons, teens may go through unplanned pregnancy. According to a young woman's thoughts, it completely depends on her that she wants to continue her pregnancy or want to terminate it or go for adoption. Termination a pregnancy is an emotional as well as complex decision.

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There can be four different reasons behind the woman thinking about an abortion.

  • The pregnancy may be unplanned
  • The pregnancy can affect mother's health
  • The pregnancy is due to rape
  • There is a birth defect in pregnancy.

This time for abortion, women have two options:

  • Medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion:

This is a procedure that is used to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 14 to 16 weeks.  In this procedure, a thin tube or suction is used, so there is a chance of infection in the cervix and female private body part. Apart from that, this way cannot be afforded by every female because of high expensive prices. It is compulsory to be done in a hospital by a trained staff of doctors, so the pregnancy news can be leaked.  This abortion is painful and can be infectious because of unclean conditions and follow up care.

Medical abortion:

The other name given for medical abortion is MTP Kit, that is done by use of pills only and these pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This way can be used to terminate an unplanned pregnancy of 9 weeks. There is no need of going to the hospital for this process, it can be easily done at home without the help of anyone. Therefore there is 100% surety of keeping pregnancy news secretive. It is completely safe, hygienic and no chance of infection because no tool is inserted in the body. If you talk about the pricing then it is much lower and can be afforded by any woman of any class. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two important medicines present in MTP Kit that are top-selling drug for abortion.

Take Mifepristone: This medicine stops the working of progesterone hormone that is important for supplying the important requirements to the fetus. Due to its stoppage, the fetus got died.

Take Misoprostol: This medicine is responsible for dilation and contraction in the womb leading to getting out of the dead fetus from the female body.

You need to follow these steps for doing abortion:

No 1: Take one tablet (Mifepristone: each 200 mg) via oral route with an abundance of water. This medicine needs to be taken on an empty stomach.

No 2: Take four tablets (Misoprostol: each 200 mcg) via orally or vaginally with one glass of water.

No 3: Wait for 14 days, then at that day go for an ultrasound test to be sure about abortion.

Common noticed side effects of MTP Kit are stomach cramps, sleepiness, muscle pain, back pain, weakness, faintness, heavy vaginal blood loss, and queasiness.


  • You are restricted to take alcohol because this may increase the severity of side effects of MTP Kit.
  • If you are sensitive to any compound present in MTP Kit then you are advised not to take MTP Kit.
  • Take complete rest with complete rest after taking MTP Kit as it will help you to recover the losses happened during an abortion.