Maria the girl famous on Instagram as of her beautiful looks share her biggest acne trouble with us and told her true story behind her beautiful face. She is having her own page by name of facebeauty@insta in which she shared new makeup tricks and some natural remedies to look beautiful and gorgeous. But no one knows her real story. She at the age of 14 experiences the skin acne, which everyone used to experience at the age of puberty and fade away with time. But at the age of 20, she gets to have very painful cystic acne on her skin and faces big trouble as her page was running over there on social media related to skin beauty. “And” to overcome the trouble she used to apply suitable concealer, foundation, and creams to hide her cystic acne to continue with her page. Meanwhile, she used to try many remedies to get rid of pimples but nothing works out. Then after almost one year, she used to purchase Tretinoin Gel 0.1% which has some side effects but works well on acne when continuing for one month on the skin. The use of cream on daily basis make her some more gorgeous and pretty and that’s the secret behind her beauty which makes her so popular on social media.


Tretinoin 0.1%

Tretinoin Gel
is one of the best remedy or medication accessible in the market that helps the person in acne management. The drug works well on both men and a woman skin and cures their acne struggle. It may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do develop. It works well on wrinkles, scars, blackheads, and whiteheads over skin and makes the skin flawless and gorgeous. The cream is accessible under various brands name as of Retin-A cream, A ret Gel, Micro A-Ret cream.

Tretinoin is a formula of vitamin A that helps the skin reintroduces itself. The drug executes by unclogging the holes to permit the skin natural oil generating glands to act properly and attenuation the formation of blackheads and spots. It also discharges the cells on the shallow of the skin to approve turnover of the skin cells and aids the natural exfoliation of the external layers of the skin.

Tretinoin 1% Gel comes with topical preparation and needs to be applied externally. Wash the face and hand properly with water and let them dry completely before applying the cream. Afterward, take the small amount of cream on the fingertips and apply the medication to the affected area by doing gentle massage with fingers so that drug gets absorbed completely into the skin. You have to apply the medication once in a day at night time for the period of one month to get effectual results.

However, the use of cream may cause some adverse effects as of skin redness, rashes, unkind or burning sensation on the skin, dryness, lack of compassion, itching, scaling, or burning of the skin. Hence, the person has to avoid the use of any harmful makeup product on the skin. Apply sunscreen lotion or cover the face with a cloth while leaving home. Avoid the use of wax on the affected area of skin. The use is restricted in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding situation.

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