Acne is a very widespread disease in the age group of 12 and 25. It can also manipulate older and younger people. Nowadays man suffers more than the woman does from the acne disorder. Sebaceous gland is there just under the skin that formulates oil (sebum) that retains skin limber and smooth. Acne, small pimples, blackheads, and blackhead occur due to obstruction of these pores.

Retin A Cream 0.1

Retin-A Cream
is chosen for the treatment of Acne, mall pimples, spot marks, skin pigmentation, blackheads, and Whitehead. It encompasses of Tretinoin as a functional component, which belongs to the family of medications acknowledged as Retinoid. It aids to reintroduce the skin and to hold over skin inflammation by opening the infertile pores and thus badge the natural oil-producing gland to exertion properly.

Retin-A cream is the topical preparation that needs to be applied externally. It is easy to get in the dose strength of 0.025% and 0.05% at our presumed pharmacy store. The advice dose strength of the medication depends on upon our acne condition and upon your previous medical history. Before applying medication, read out all the instruction given in the drug leaflet. Before using the medication on the affected area, wash out the hand, face properly with water, and dry it with tissue paper. Now take a small amount of cream on the fingertips and apply it quietly on the affected area of the skin. Prevaricate the contact of cream with the eyes and nose. Wash out the hand after applying the medication, and do not cover up the affected part of which you have applying the medication, so that drug gets engrossed completely into the skin.

Patient may run into with some common side effects while using Retin-A cream like as of irritation on the skin, redness, stinging of the skin, scaling of the skin, numbness, and blister design or crusting of the skin, peeling off, itching, rashes, burning sensation on the area applied area, swelling, chest pain.

Hence some self-protective measures need to be followed as of-

  • The patient is worthwhile not to apply Retin -A cream on affected area if itching happens or they are allergic to Tretinoin.
  • Use of this cream is prohibitory in the situation of liver and kidney disease, or if suffering from psoriasis and eczema disorder.
  • If you are a pregnant woman or planning to be and nursing mother, then you should not have to use this medication without doctor discussion.
  • Do not use any other moisturizer cream directly on the affected area, after applying Retin-A cream.
  • Do not apply wax on the face when you are using Retin-A cream for the acne treatment.
  • Avoid use of any lotion, moisturizer, and heavy makeup while you are on acne treatment with Retin-A cream.
  • When you start applying the cream, in first two weeks you realize your acne gets worse, so do not get the fright or not to stop the medication, as the cream is health-giving it from the root.

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