Dark colored or say black spots suits best on the hybrid dogs and cats as they look damn cute in them. Panda is another animal which is known for the beauty of his spots but does you have ever heard that particular human being- man or a woman looks best in her or his facial dark spots? I think you haven't! Oh! It's true…..I already knew. Dark spots look best over animals but not over humans as these are not our charm but take away all the charm of your face.


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Acne, pimple, wrinkle, dark spots, blemish, sunburn, and freckles do not make any person look glorious and glittery rather it offsets your personality. In the recent world of dating and mating, your face is your real identity and people knows you by your face even if they forget their name.

On other the beauty of our face depends on many minute factors such as what type of diet we intake, hygiene we maintain, cosmetics or the harshness of chemicals we put on to our face, how much protein we intake, genetics, health status and many other crucial factors like age, hormonal level responds to the beauty of the face and the youthfulness we maintain.

Keeping the face youthful, glossier, clear of pimples and acne and rid of any fine lines or wrinkles is easy if you're using eth Retin A cream. Putting on this Tretinoin consisting cream over the face do miracles over eth people. Efficacy of this medication has no doubted questions. This is because the medication has maintained a long-term legacy in making the people beautiful. Duration for which the person should use this medicine is 12-16 weeks so that he or she can retain the complete beauty of the face that person once has lost due to any possible reason.

As said above Tretinoin is the active moiety present in Retin-A cream and the methodology the medication follows is declining the tendency of skin cells to clump. Moreover, the medication enhances the process of exfoliation and fasten the recovery of skin. Stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers within the facial tissues makes the face look youthful, soft and supple.

Retin A cream is available in three different dosing strengths 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1% and the method to use Retin A cream is simple. You simply had to wash your face with lukewarm water and keep your skin dry by patting the face dry with a towel. Now, take out a pea size amount of cream over your fingertip and dab it over the region where you have acne, pimple, blemish, sunburn, freckles or fine lines. You can use this cream daily in the nighttime and let it be there on the face for the whole night.

Side effects allied to use of Retin A cream are skin itching, dryness, redness, blistering and skin rash.

Cautionary measures that user applying Retin A cream must follow:

  • Drape your face with a breathable cloth to shield the direct Sun rays strike over the face as due to sensitization your skin might get irritated and may develop burns
  • Do not apply Retin A cream over the wet surface else you might get burning sensations.
  • Do not use harsh chemical over your face like astringent, lime extracts else face might get irritated adversely.

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