A healthy skin is not only a sign of good health but also makes your features prominent and helps in improving the confidence in your persona. However, even with proper skin regimen, people still encounter some skin issues and acne, pimples and dark spots are the most common affecting almost every second individual at some stage in life. Few skin issues are natural with age such as wrinkles but sometimes it occurs prematurely because of improper and unhealthy skin routine. There comes the need for external health when your internal or natural process is not supporting good skin health. Retin-A cream is the most suggested formulation among this category that helps to rejuvenate your flawed skin.

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A brief summary of Retin-A cream:

Retin-A, which is also referred as retinoic acid, is a derivative of Vitamin A and encloses Tretinoin as the functional constituent. Tretinoin in Retin-A Cream formulation is a part of a retinoid, which is used to regulate the growth of cells for treating varied skin issue of pimples, acne, pigmentation, skin damage, blemishes, or wrinkles.

Retin-A cream is effective in reversing the already occurred skin damage due to sunlight and helps in protecting against the future damage by affecting the fibroblasts and keratinocytes at a cellular level. This keeps the skin productive, healthy, and aids in stimulating the collagen production. Retin-A cream helps in preventing the sticking of epithelial cells together in the hair follicle, which opens the pores and avoids the breakouts.For anti-aging properties, the collagen stimulation and cell cycle regulation help in improving the skin texture with speed up cell turnover. This declines the wrinkles and fine lines, in addition, to the treatment of acne, age spots, and pigmentation, that makes your damage, and faulted skin a flawless and shining feature of your persona.

The prescribing regimen of Retin-A cream:

Retin-A is available in the prescription strength of 0.025% concentration as a cream formulation that is advised to be used externally for topical use. Before you apply this cream, wash your hands and skin and then wait for 10-15minutes. Then, apply the cream for one time daily at the intended skin area.Use a pea-sized quantity of cream and dab it onto your skin by spreading the cream lightly to the entire face applying in an upward motion. Do not rub the cream too aggressively and be cautious while application around your inside of nose, eyes, and mouth.

Initially with the use of Retin-A cream, if you find the skin irritation then it is suggested to mix the cream with one pump of an effective moisturizer that will decline the irritation without interfering with the effectiveness of the product’s effectiveness.It is also advised to use Retin-A cream at night only because of a breakdown in the sunlight. Use Retin-A cream for the prescribed duration depending on your condition.

Few irksome effects are observed initially that include skin redness, irritation, itching, peeling, stinging, skin dryness, increased sensitivity to sunlight, blistering, or mild sense of burning at the cream used the skin.However, with gradual use of Retin-A cream, these effects will eventually break down.

Therefore, the following precautions are suggested while using Retin-A cream-

  • A person should not use Retin-A cream on burnt, damaged, wounded, or cut skin.
  • Use of Retin-A cream is conflicting during pregnancy and lactation. Children and elderly people should not use Retin-A cream.
  • You should not use Retin-A cream in case of allergic responses to any ingredient of this cream.
  • Use of Retin-A cream is not advised during daytime and thus the user should restrict the sun exposure.
  • Avoid using other cosmetics or products that may interact with Retin-A ingredients.

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