Acne is frustrating! Sure it is. It is not only you who feel this terrible experience of the horrible skin issue. It is one of the most horrible moment that a person can face in life. In the morning time of a big day, or just before a date or when you have a photo shoot.

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For many people who are dealing with acne, this skin disease affects more than their physical looks. Acne can take control of emotional health as well. Researchers have confirmed in a study that persons going through acne may develop: depression, nervousness, low self-esteem, low-quality life, and becoming alone.

If you are surprised that how acne may cause these problems, then you read this Jill's story.

Acne made college days of Jill difficult.

Jill is a teenage girl dealing with acne, but what happened in her third year has changed her life. She was surprised by seeing large and painful cysts on her face. She tried some home remedies first then some medicines as told by her friends, but nothing worked!

She became desperate for help and was using some types of cosmetic to hide those pimples. Lastly, she got to know about Retin A Cream and within some time she noticed miraculous results.

Retin A Cream is a new formula for all those people who want to make their skin free from pimples or acne. This medicine has given wonderful results in lightening the dark patches and other spots on the skin. It hides all pimples and spots and gives you a beautiful clear face that gives you the confidence to face any trouble. The main generic active constituent present in this medicine is Tretinoin that is FDA approved.

Tretinoin as a generic compound gives its beneficial results by speeding up the keratinization process that is responsible for promoting the cell division, approving the melanin formation thus minimizing the tendency of cells to agglomerate. In this way, it prevents the comedones making, does not pores to block thus does not allow acne and pimples to develop.

The way of using Retin A Cream: Firstly make your hands decontaminated by washing them with a mild cleansing agent. Then make your face clear by removing all the makeup and apply a little pinch of this cream over the acne and pimples. Using this medicine daily you will notice an improvement in 8 to 12 weeks.

You may face some of the harmful effects of Retin A Cream such as burning, dehydration, scaling, mild heat or hurtful feeling at the site of application, and redness of the skin.

Follow some precautious measures to avoid these side effects such as: If you are allergic to any compound of Retin A Cream then never use this medicine. Before coming in the contact of sunlight, wear the mask and sun protection as this medicine increases your sensitivity towards the sun.