Your face is the most sensitive body part and has to deal with amaximum number of enemies such as scorching sunlight, too much of heat, dust pollution, air pollution, dirt, oily secretions, hot and cold winds, chemicals that are present in the cosmetic products and others.Harsh radiations and emissions coming from the premises and those that some electronic instruments produce also affect the quality and texture of our face.

We go to parlors for the facial, clean up and for other grooming’s we want to do but every time the result is not successful especially when you’re starting up fresh and you don’t have any idea about your face ants its texture health. Though all dermatological product is tested but still there stand a huge sum of products that can create ahassle for the beauty of your face. As every chemical present in the cosmetic product can sensitize your facial skin and then are some chances that you night get sensitive to this product and may develop acne, wrinkles, pimples, fine lines.

retin a micro gel

Sometimes extent of acne becomes so massive that your whole face might get covered of pimples and acne. Firstly,you get pus or red heads and this later gets turned into adeep and dark spot of acne and pimples.A spot on theface not only diminishesthe charm of the face but also makes the face of the person look old and lost in attraction. Are you suffering from the similar condition of the face the give an honest try to medication Retin A micro gel 0.1% and make your face look attractive, glossier and clear it looks.

Retin A micro has Tretinoin as the principalelement enclosed in the dermatological preparation. This gel is an efficient pharmaceutical remedy that treats the acne, pimples and lightens the dark spots, blemish, suntan, fine lines, and wrinkles making the face of the person clear and youthful. The pharmaceutical compound Tretinoin belongs to aspecific classof Retinoid and performs actively over the face of the personby exfoliating the cornified cells from the follicles. Tretinoin plays an efficient role in the rejuvenation of the skin.

Apply Retin A micro gel always after washing the hands and face. Now squeeze out a little amount and apply the medication only over the affected regions where you’re having pimples and wrinkles.  Apply this gel daily once in a day at night time for the accomplishment of complete and effective change over the skin of the face.

Adverse complications that Retin A micro gel might develop over the face of the person are skin peeling, excess dryness,inflammation, warmth, pain and stinging over the region of application.

Follow these cautionary measures when you’re using the Retin A micro gel over your face:

  • Drape your face with a cotton scarf when you go out in the Sun else due to sensitivity your skin might get damage. 
  • Take additional caution when using this topical formulation over the face as you have to prevent the gel to get into the open and mucosal region
  • Don’t apply the gel to the chapped and broken skin surfaces else you might get irritation of skin

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