Any spot on your face or nasty pimples makes you look ugly and weird. Pimples are the barrier in your being beautiful. Beauty is what catches the glimpse of your best mate. Whenever your best-loved one comes to meet you, you try your best to rule out the imperfection and look beautiful. When your face glows, you feel confident. Small pimples make you feel low and awkward. Some girls do not want that boy should catch the glimpse of them. Girls go crazy after skin products so that their skin would remain supply and clear. Those are expensive and sometimes do not help them in recovering from acne. Retin-A cream is the best choice of product for dealing with your acne problem and making your skin go clean and clear.

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Here we will discuss about the brand name Retin-A cream for acne prevention.

This brand of medicine has an active composition as……….. Tretinoin.

This brand of the drug comes as semisolid dosage form that is cream form.

This medicinal form has strength as 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1%.

The mechanism through which this cream works in stopping your acne problem: Tretinoin causes the APL cells to get differentiated and thus ceases them from being proliferated. This has the ability to modify abnormal follicular keratinization. Comedones form inside follicles along with an excess of keratinized epithelial cells. Therefore this cream works in making your pimples lessen.

Dosage design regarding this cream: The usual adult dosage for acne suppression is to apply a thin film of cream over the affected area one time within a day at the night time only. This cream helps in the cessation of your affected skin portion quickly and easily.

Method of its application: First cleanse your face properly and then let it dry completely. Take a small portion of this cream and then apply it over your affected skin area so that it is absorbed inside. Let it be uncovered. Use it at night time before you go to sleep.

Dosing frequency: This topical preparation should be applied daily once in a day till your acne will be ceased completely.

Some contradictory factors that must be followed are as:

  • This ought to be never applied in case of severe allergic reactions.
  • This ought to be never applied in case your skin is sunburned.
  • This ought to be never applied in case your skin has cuts, damaged, and scrapes.

Safety tips while using this medicine:

  • Before you are breastfeeding or are pregnant, ask your doctor if you can apply.
  • Do not apply it over your nose, mouth, and eyes as irritation can occur.
  • Do no use other skin products when using this cream or consult a doctor.

Common aftereffects that may happen are as stinging, change in your skin color, feeling of warmth, stinging, an allergic reaction, and skin peeling.

Storing criteria: This medicine should be kept in a safe place far from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight.

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