Togetherness is everything. For keeping this togetherness, God has given a love initiating a task to men. He needs to make an effort for loving his mate even if his wife is not in the mood. Touching, kissing, holding, hugging, frolicking, and massaging are all good, but all of these activities only increase the fire of satisfaction. This should only be justified by the satisfactory session of intercourse.

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It is a man’s duty to focus off of having intercourse and makes his mate orgasm and put the efforts on giving her pleasure. Pleasure is underestimated. Pleasure does not only represents to your wife but you also enjoy it which makes you relaxed and your spouse pleasure is well-intentioned of your time and effort. When you love your woman, you feel good hormones released in your body that makes any relationship easier. This is like a compulsory love boosting vacation– why wouldn’t you try it? If you did not make love to her or do any attempt to show her that she is special then she feels neglected. She starts judging you in a manner that you don’t want to be intimate with her because she does not look that much beautiful or she has a bad figure.

So, what is it that you are not making love? Great question. The reason is erectile dysfunction. Instead of avoiding the sensual love you must try “Sildegra” for once. This medication helps you to explore the heights of love with your spouse because of your longer staying erection. Your erection is hard enough that you did not feel pressured and you enjoy the romantic sensual task till the orgasmic level. The use is this drug makes your erection hard enough so you look for the chances of lovemaking moments. Sildenafil Citrate is the key generic moiety present in this medication which is an FDA approved the drug.

The main action of Sildenafil Citrate is to stop the activity of a bodily chemical namely phosphodiesterase type 5 which further does not let more cGMP too breakdown in the penile area. When you become sensually awaken, nitric oxide starts releasing from your body which boosts up the concentration of the cGMP into the body resulting in more blood flow towards the penile organ. This action is responsible for providing a stiffer erection for longer duration.

Sildegra is a capsule formulation that needs to be taken by oral route with one glass of water. One dose of this medication needs to be taken about half to an hour before involving in any naughtier activity with your woman. The effects of this medication remain in the body for next 4-5 hours so other dose needs to be repeated at a gap of a day. However as you take it, there are chances of some side effects’ occurrence such as nausea, vomiting, chest pain, waterlessness over the penile skin, irritation sore throat, and painful erection.

Cautious measures include:

  • You should never increase the daily dose of Sildegra for getting more beneficial effects otherwise it may cause Priapism (prolonged painful erection).
  • The intake of grapefruit juice, alcohol, caffeine and other fatty foods should be avoided while taking Sildegra.

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