Acne, pimples, those tiny fine lines around eyes and the bigger wrinkles are enough to blow away the charm of your face. These when present on your face makes you conscious and infuse a sense of embarrassment in you. These tiny ugly white hat and red base pimples make you uneasy, annoyed and often irritated when you are getting ready to step out your house. Whatever hairstyle you may make and how much expensive dress you may wear but in spite of focusing on your looks people notices in you what!!!! Your PIMPLES………..means can’t they see the expensive heels you’re wearing, the goggle you have put on, the off-shoulder top revealing your tattoo, your neckpiece or your earrings or the new lip shade you have put on………Oh! No…..Nobody notices all that stuff that you wore but what notices is your pimple that was rising at the tip of your nose and the one at your cheekbone which you have squeezed last night. You know what, there develops one more tiny pimple might be because of those pus cells that have extruded from the pimple head has given the birth to the tiny nearby pimple!!!!


Buy Retin a cream

Acne and pimples are not the issues of only teenagers but also of college goers, office adults, pregnant women and don’t forget the boys when they are at their age of puberty also has to deal with the tragedy of pimples. Some adults even around the age of 30’s do struggle with the issues of pimples. Therefore, no worries you are not alone in the league.

Those who have faced the acne breakouts in past and have tried umpteen products for countering the development of acne, pimple and wrinkles suggested the benefits of Using Retin A cream over the facial faults to counter the development of acne bumps. The cream Retin A is an astounding formulation to fight against acne and pimples. The active ingredient Tretinoin found in the medicine is structurally similar to the naturally derived Vitamin A. This cream not only rejuvenates the new cells but also clear the blackheads, comedones, and whiteheads from the face.

Retin A cream is available in different dosing strengths 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1%. This cream you can apply daily at once in nighttime before going to bed for sleep after washing your face with a mild face wash or cleansing with a cleanser. Use this cream daily for 12-16 weeks to completely cope with the condition of acne rosacea.

Some commonly observed side effects of using Retin A cream over the face includes itching, stinging, rash, skin peeling, excessive dryness, mild and a change in color in the region of cream application.

Some common safety measures the user of Retin A cream should follow:

  • Avoid the cream to get in your sensitive mucosal regions, if get by mistake then wash the content immediately
  • Do not use this cream over regions that have wounds, cuts, burns, and rashes
  • Avoid going out in Sun after wearing this cream else the skin might get burns, blemish, and dark spots
  • To abide the excessive dryness a patient should wear a good moisturizer over the face

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