Pimples affect a person much more than just your skin– it affects your complete life in very normal ways. Your loved ones and friends may not completely understand that how acne affects your confidence. Even a little acne can make you feel low confident.

Acne is not considered as a serious problem compared to other serious medical issues. But some of the studies have shown that acne affects at social, psychological and emotional level.  It is clear that emotional effect of acne cannot be taken lightly.

Acne depress you

Acne may make you somewhat tensed, anxious, angry or overwhelmed. It cannot be said that acne can be mild or severe, your feelings are right and valid. It does not matter that what is your age. Adults are also more prone to acne as teenagers, however, teens face acne problem more. Acne has a negative effect on both adult as well teens lives– regardless of the severity of acne.

Acne affects social life

Our society has a huge pressure on how we represent ourselves in front of them. Everyone has something different like the shape of nose or lips. But typically an acne appearance on the face can highlight a particular part of the world that has more effect. Apart from myths, acne can make you feel guilty or shame as if somehow you are responsible for your problem.

Treatment option

Retin A For Acne and Wrinkles is the best medicine for the treatment of acne. This medicine clears your skin and gives you a spotless face that can drag any one's attention. Apart from this, it helps in renewing your skin. As a most popular anti-acne medicine, it has become a topmost choice for today's generation. Most of the people use this drug for treating signs of aging by decreasing, reversing, and preventing wrinkles.  It also lightens the already developed age spots. After using this medicine, your skin starts looking better and younger.

The main compound present in Retin-A Cream is Tretinoin that is a very popular drug for acne. It is categorized as a keratolytic drug that alters the action of skin cells to give beneficial effect.  This drug shows its action by inhibiting the skin layer to get solidify (keratinization and cornification) and augments the detaching of dead hardened skin cells. Same time, it starts forming new skin cells. Both of these actions are responsible for augmenting the rate of clear acne, blackheads, skin cell turnover, and minimizes the spread of acne. Lastly, it forms new skin cells.

Retin-A Cream is for external use only, it can be best applied to the affected area of skin, once on daily basis. You need to use this cream in the evening time. Wash your face with the help of water and soap. Take out a small quantity of this medicine on your fingertip and apply over acne portion. You can see the effectiveness within 2 to 3 weeks but for getting successful results, wait for 6-12 weeks.

Common side effects of Retin-A Cream are smoldering or detaching at the site of application, dry skin, impatient, and rosiness of the skin.


Before going in direct sunlight, wear the full clothing especially on the affected area as Retin-A Cream increases the sensitivity towards sunlight. Retin-A Cream cannot be used on a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you are allergic to any drug present in this medicine, tell it to your doctor.

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