Smoking Is Pleasure For You But Poison For Your Family.

Everyone known that smoking is not good for health and many time it can be a cause of death. Smoking is one of the common problems in the modern world especially for youngsters. Most of the youngster tries smoking to look mature. Smoking is a slow killing process that kills people more than anyone can even imagine.

Most of the people smoke because of many reasons such as stress, personal issues, depression and many others. Because of the hectic schedule and bust lifestyle every human is prone to stress and depression.  One cigarette per day lead to smoking while others leads to addiction. Access of smoking can caused many disorders such as lung cancer, heart problem, asthma, strokes and cancer and is responsible to shorten life for almost 10 years. Smoking is very difficult to smoke as it contains nicotine that is highly addictive substance. Pregnant women who are addicted to smoke are at more risk to give birth to an abnormal baby.

It is better to avoid smoking and acquire healthy lifestyle to improve health condition. Eating health food and doing regular exercise is one of the most important that one need to do to overcome smoking habit. Other then these, there are many Anti-smoking medications available  such as Zyban, Chantix, Nicorette, Nicotine polacrilex gum  and Nicotex to reduce the harmful effect of smoking and help you to quit smoking.

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