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No one wants to look into mirror and see a big pimple on their face. Battling for acne problem is one of the terrible things in the life. Everyone face acne problem at some point of their life. It is a skin problem that causes pimples such as black heads and white heads on the face and other parts such as shoulder, back, neck and chest. Acne problem are mostly seen in teenagers but sometime it can also happen to middle age people.

Acne can be mild or severe and caused because of many reasons such as stress that lead to cause hormonal fluctuation, hormonal imbalance and by applying excess cosmetic or makeup. Excess of heat and sun exposure can make acne worst. Acne is caused when the excess amount of oil gets deposited in the skin cells, bacteria get enough amount of nutrient to grow and they spread to a large area of skin causing painful acne.

Acne can be treated with the help of medications such as Retin-A-Micro, Differin (adapalene) gel, Silcream, Nexret cream, Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, Vibra Tabs, Clindac A, Himalaya Clarina, Melalite cream, Doxicip and Aziderm cream. Other than these medications it is better to avoid oily and junk food. Eating healthy vegetables can improve acne problem and make skin naturally to glow.

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